Major reasons for an IoT connection


Machine to machine connectivity

IoT interface connects devices wirelessly via the Internet and offers a machine to machine connectivity that is reliable and efficient to track, record, secure, and process huge quantities of information. Try (v)WeCare IoT connection.

mobile data access

Data connectivity replacement for mobile data access

Now you don't need mobile data access to connect to the Internet. (v)WeCare IoT is the way you attain Internet access on your mobile phones; making the process and associated operations seamless, thus allowing better connectivity.

Secure data connectivty

Secure data connectivity

(v)WeCare IoT allows secure data connectivity through Data encryption; enhancing security and scaling down the probability of theft and forgery.

Encrypted wireless connectivity

Encrypted wireless connectivity

Securing your Wireless Internet from hacking is the reason why encrypted wireless connectivity is the need of the hour . Individuals and organizations looking for secure connection can achieve the same with the aid of an IoT connection provided by (v)WeCare.

Why choose (v)WeCare
End-to-End Integartion

End-to-End Integration

(v)WeCare Telgoo5 offers a completely integrated Solution to provision connection from Carrier to Subscriber.



(v)WeCare Telgoo5 can be customized to suit your business´s unique requirements.

24X 7 Support

24X 7 Support

(v)WeCare ensures that our business partners receive all the required assistance and support, throughout the clock all 365 days, to reap maximum perks offered by Telgoo5 CRM.

Customer Database Management

Customer Database Management

The most critical parts of Telgoo5 CRM is enabled for expeditious management of database related to customers as well as their life-cycles or association with the most powerful service provider

Realtime Usage Monitoring

1 − 1 Public IP

For each of our IoT connection (v)WeCare provides a unique Public IP making it more secure.

End-to-End Integartion

Data Speed Throttling

(v)WeCare takes care that our end users do not run out of data or require heavy Top-ups by controlling Data-speed whenever the account indicates to be going out of allowed limits.

Whitelisting IPs

Whitelisting IPs

Capability of allow unrestricted access of certain websites makes (v)WeCare us friendlier to both the carrier and the end-user.

Real-Time Usage Monitoring

Real-Time Usage Monitoring

Track customer life-cycles at every step with real-time usage monitoring and actual statistics, relevant to the timeline.

Real-Time Usage Monitoring

That's not all !!

(v)WeCare Administration & Reporting

Our qualified development and support teams and dedicated Project Managers help our partners monitor and analyze the operations with the only tools worthwhile for the Volume, Velocity and Variety of data we are working with are Analytical Reports.
(v)WeCare Offers

Custom Reporting

Ad Hoc Reporting

A Set of Reports From Get Go

With (v)WeCare, you get your own custom slave database

  • Run as many reports as you like
  • Run them as many times as you like
  • Add fields/remove fields
  • Imagine ad hoc reporting

(v)WeCare APIs

(v)WeCare Telgoo5 is an API driven system.

Connected to all major payment gateways
(As easy as plug and play with your credentials)
Connected to major shipping carriers
(Simple enter your credentials and start printing your shipping labels)
Want to connect your website?
(v)WeCare will give you a set of API's to build customer information into the (v)WeCare system.
Event driven APIs
Over 100 sub-processes
Self healing systems
Over 1000 configurations
Standardized and built to scale
Many more API's. Ready to explore? Email us:
Little Bit Of Stats of (v)WeCare Telgoo5 Platform.

(v)WeCare's Telgoo5 is a comprehensive portfolio of multivendor services that is an end to end, Billing Support System(BSS)/Operations Support System(OSS) product for telecom companies - that is tailored to fit their specific requirements.

concurrent user logins being handled

1000 +

subscribers in database


Quick enrollment and provisioning

< 60 sec

Data Analysis and reporting

Real Time

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